See How P0rn Stars Look Like Without Makeup

Most of us believe that porn stars are some incredibly good looking and hairless people on earth. But let me tell you one thing out of all those wierd truths, they are not as pleasing to look at as you think. They are just like us, breaking out with zits and pimples here and there. To crush all our hopes about these porn stars being unbelievably flawless, Melissa Murphy has photos that prove otherwise.
Melissa is a proffessional makeup and hair stylist. She was a daily worshipper of the adult industry. She says,” I build relationships in the makeup chair.” Well said, but she never watched porn. According to her, she used to eat, sleep and breathe porn, but never watch it.
Melissa took to instagram to share the pictures of what these pronstars actually look like without being all glammed up. From their foundation to mascara, you will be shocked by the transformation and by seeing the surprising differences in these before-after pictures.
Woah! She looked good without makeup too.

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