You Can Never Imagine What Nails Can Tell About Your Health.

Your skin, nails, face and mouth reflect a lot about the internal condition of your body. The length of your nails can tell for how long you have been ill as illness hampers the nail growth. Fingernails take six months to grow completely while toenails can take up to an year.

Yellow nails often indicate lung and liver diseases while nail-biting depicts an issue with your mental health. So, keep a regular check on your nails, because they are trying to tell a lot to you about your body.

We have also added some of the DIY Nail protection tips that will help your nails to stay healthy. Trying out nail paints, and nail art ideas will make your nails look pretty but make sure you don’t overdo it. Take good care of your nails and let them breathe!

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Nails depict the internal condition of your body.
Your skin, nails, and mouth depict a lot about the illness, deficiencies and disorders of your body.

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