A Window On A Lady’s Bedroom- Most Engrossing Photo Project

Ever wondered what’s on the inside of a woman’s bedroom? Well, now you can know. Photograhpers, Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti took a tour around the world to give us a peak into the world’s most secretive place, a woman’s bedroom. They went around cities all over the world, from luxurious apartments in New York to rooms in Rio De Janeiro. From houses where basic facilities of living aren’t available to ecstatically posh mansions.

This photoshoot, A Window In A Lady’s Bedroom, was developed in order to understand the various cultural, religious, socio-economic and personality differences that occur between women from across the globe. Their main goal wasn’t to click a room where these ladies sleep, but to depict the condition, their backgrounds according to their social and geographic locations.

Here are some of the snaps taken for this project.

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