Father Found His Missing Daughter After 16 Years. But What The Mother Did Is Unbearable.

A Canadian father searched his lost daughter for 16 years. His long search turned into a happy ending when he reunited with her after so very long. But what happened next is truly disappointing.

Dean Harper got separated from his wife when their daughter was just two-year-old. His wife left him all of sudden and took their daughter along with her even without telling him where she was going. Dean started searching his daughter desperately and he kept on searching until he found her. Finally, after 16 years of searching, he was able to track her down through social media. A happy reunion suddenly turned into a headache when Harper received a hefty bill in his hand.
Years later when Athena reached 12, her mother kept her in a foster care system and Harper was entirely unknown why and when she left daughter there and moved away. He didn’t know that his wife left their daughter in foster care under his expenses. Quebec’s foster care, where Athena was kept, slapped him with a bill for $7,800. He could not believe it and he was angry.

‘I don’t understand how they could have my daughter, know who I am, not look for me, then send me a bill once I find her,’ Harper told media. Giving interviews to the media, he recalls, it was nerve-wracking revealing the identity in front of his daughter after so long. Harper told, ‘My heart was pounding like you wouldn’t believe. I thought for sure Athena could hear my heart pounding,he said. ‘And I said, ‘My name is Dean Harper… I’m your father.’
Whatever happened, they are thankful to be together again.

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