15 Powerful Stories Of The Courageous Women Which Will Inspire You!

They won the hearts of many and did something that shook the world, but never had their stories told in a bigger way. These women from the past had courage to stand for their rights and did the most unexpected things.

Women are often seen as physically and mentally less strong as compared to men. They are tagged as delicate, emotional and just homemakers. This set belief needs to be broken and people need to realize that women were, are and will always hold a position that is equal to the men in the society. They are physically and mentally super strong and they prove the same every day. A woman serves the society all her life- as a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother.

These women did some of the most influential things that made their stories worth telling.
1. Josephine Baker: The Dancer Spy
One of the most famous names in the world of dancing, Josephine was hired by French Resistance as a spy. She was tagged as Black Pearl and traveled around the world in the name of entertainment projects gathering all the less known information.

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