This Incredible Image Proves Hitler Lived Till 95 With His Brazilian Girlfriend

Hitler, the name itself has become the emblem of a cruel and oppressive personality. Adolf Hitler was a fascinating character in the world’s history. He started the real journey of his life picking a paint brush in his hand to chase his dream of being a famous artist, however, he ended it with being the most feared tyrant of the 20th century. Many authors got influenced by him and wrote about his life and conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitler’s death.

A book titled Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death depicts that Hitler did not shoot himself in his bunker but he spent a healthy and long life with his Brazilian girlfriend till the age of 95. What this new book claims about the Hitler’s death left people totally shocked and spellbound. Let’s know more about this fascinating fact about Hitler.
Adolf Hitler did not shoot himself, says the author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias.
Dias in his new book: Hitler in Brazil-His Life and his death claims that he did not kill himself in his bunker while he lived a happy life with his Brazilian partner.

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