What This Girl Is Doing For The Kids Living In Streets Is Amazing

When I see the condition of poor children roaming here and there in search of food and cloth on the streets then, my eyes get teary, and my heart breaks into thousand pieces. In my childhood, I always used to think that I’m the only kid who is not getting things as per her choice. But, when I see those poor children who don’t even have food to eat, shelter to live, parents to hold their hand, to cover their body then, I realised that how lucky I am to get all the required necessity of my life.
Despite getting such peaceful and luxurious life, we sometimes forget the value of what we have got and get sadden for the matters that doesn’t even carry any weight. And, those street kids just know to enjoy their life even in such a painful and difficult condition. It is a big lesson which we need to grab from them and implement in our lives.

There is a girl who has initiated something great and unique for these kids.

Let’s know what!

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