Female Photographer Shoots D!ck Pictures For Something Else, Wow!

When we hear or encounter something, there is this line of thought known as stereotyping where we directly associate a certain element to an idea where it is usually involved. Sometimes, it is tiring to see things as if they cannot be more special.
But now, things are going on differently.

Welcome to the world where all things is yet to be revolutionized. Usual things people see is not the same as before. When you hear of church, it is not necessary a physical infrastructure where people could praise. When you hear the word photography, it doesn’t mean that it is done by professionals, like everybody could do it nowadays. Then, when you hear about the word ‘genitals’ now, it is not as limited to descriptions as ‘a reproduction tool’, ‘a sexual object’, or worse, plainly ‘a part of human body’.

Again, this is not how things work anymore. Ever heard of a photographer who takes ‘dick pics’ to make it fancier or cute? Well, this is one hell of a revolution. Get to know the idea, as wel las the mind behind it.

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