10 Beer Cap DIY Projects That Will Make Your Man Cave Next-Level

Every true beer drinker cherishes that moment when they first open an ice-cold bottle of beer. The gentle pop sound followed by that first frigid, fizzy sip can lead to feelings so wondrous, it’s almost a spiritual experience.

When you’re done opening your beer, though, what do you do with your bottle cap? Leave it on the counter? Throw it in the trash? Or do you hold onto your cap and add it to your collection? Every good bottle of beer should be honored as the beautiful creation that it is, and collecting your bottle caps is a great way to commemorate the delectable lagers you’ve experienced in your travels.

If you’re one of those people that enjoys remembering each and every delicious ale you’ve enjoyed through the years, you’ve probably developed quite a large collection of caps. If you have a cornu-capia of bottle caps, why not do something useful with them and convert them into a DIY masterpiece that’ll make your man cave way cooler? If you don’t have a collection of caps yet, it’s never too late to get started.

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