A Couple Was Enjoying Their Holidays Until This Horrible Happened

What is way disastrous than this? No one can imagine, a sudden attack by Cannibals and ruins everything. But, this thing happened with one of the British couples while they were enjoying their adventurous holidays in Papua New Guinea.
British couple Matthew Lovane and his girlfriend Michelle Clemens were attacked by the tribesmen in the remote jungle and were continuously tortured to strip under the risk of death. The couple claimed that they were subjected to horrifying torture game in the naked condition, bounded with vines and blindfolded.

Eventually, they both managed to escape from the jungle and alleged tribesmen, by leaving all their belongings lay to save themselves from the captors. It’s really thankful to God that pair is safe but are still in big trauma and under treatment.

Check out the terrible incident that turned their holidays into a nightmare.

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