12 of the Sexiest Carl’s Jr. Girls EVER

Although GoDaddy started the trend of the extremely sexual Super Bowl commercial, it’s fair to say that Carl’s Jr. has turned it into an art form. Every year they place an ad in the Super Bowl that has the prudish complaining to the FCC and the not-as-prudish begging for more. And, that’s only when their ads even make it onto television in the first place! Over the years there have been many attractive women that have appeared in these spots for Carl’s Jr., advertising everything from salads to breakfast sausage. Collected here, you’ll find 15 of the hottest women to appear in an advertisement for Carl’s Jr. ever!
1.Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski. What’s better than one attractive woman advertising Carl’s Jr.? Two attractive women advertising Carl’s Jr. What’s even better than that? When the commercial that the two women star in is laden with girl-on-girl undertones (although, they’re really overtones, aren’t they?). After viewing this ad, one thing is clear about Carl’s Jr.’s marketing department: They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.

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