The 15 Hottest Bond Girls Ever

The James Bond films – as well as the Ian Fleming books they derive from – comprise one of the most enduring entertainment franchises of all time. They have everything: mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, fast cars, high-speed chases, guns, and sexy women. It’s that last aspect of the franchise that we’ll be turning to, as we call attention to what we believe are the 15 hottest Bond girls ever. Some of them come from the original Bond films, and some of them are from the most recent ones. So, while you prepare for the release of the newest Bond film, “Spectre”, this fall, and wait to get a load of Monica Bellucci as the newest Bond girl, check out these lovely ladies from Bond films gone by.
1. Halle Berry

Although things began promisingly for the Pierce Brosnan era of the James Bond franchise, things kind of began to fall off with “Die Another Day”. We bet you can’t even remember what the movie was about, much less anything that happened in it… Except… Halle Berry, who’s without a doubt one of the hottest bond girls of all time. Just check out that orange bikini she’s sporting up there! Oh, the perks of being 007.

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