7 Times Animals Parents Adopted Unexpected Babies

We tend to think of nature as a wild place, where animals are constantly locked into a struggle for survival. (In fact, isn’t that true of our own world?) But, as it turns out, there is love and affection present in the animal world, even between animals of different species. It’s even true of animal species that find themselves on different levels of the food chain! Below, you’re going to find a list of some of the most unexpected parent / child relationships we’ve ever seen in the animal kingdom. There are tortoises that have adopted hippos, tigers that have adopted pigs, and even more unexpected (and totally adorable) surprises! Some come take a look, and make your heart happy!
1. Edgar Allen Pig

That big old pig you’re looking at here goes by the absolutely adorable name Edgar Allen Pig. Before some farm owners in Australia rescued him, Edgar was heading to the slaughterhouse. Granted a stay of execution, Edgar got the chance to enjoy life on the farm, where he quickly became something of a father figure to all the other young animals, including this adorable little baby goat. So cute!

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