10 of the Best Kim Kardashian Bikini Moments

Can you imagine living the blessed life that Kim K is leading? Sure she has to wake up next to Kanye every morning… But, you know what they say, right? Into every life a little rain must fall! Outside of the Yeezus himself, Kim K’s got it about as easy as it can come. In fact, if we had to bet money on it, we’d say that Kim K spends more time in a bikini than she does any other form of clothing – and we’re including maternity dresses in the conversation! Any hoot, when you’ve got a body as hot as Kim Ki’s, and when you’re wearing bikinis as often as Kim K wears bikinis, you’re bound to have some hot bikini moments. Let’s take a look at some…
1.Letting It All Hang Out

Of course, when you’re sporting a sexy bikini – as Kim Kardashian so often does – you’re not always worried about support. You’re especially not worried about support if you’re carrying the junk in the trunk that Kim K is carrying. The above best bikini moment is exactly what we’re talking about. Just check out that booty! It’s like two perfectly ripe cantaloupes perched on the edge of an over-turned canoe. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

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