New Years Resolutions People Love to NOT Keep

1. Saving (And Not Spending) Money

It’s the end of the year, you just spent an arm and a leg buying everyone Christmas presents, and your bank account has begun to look horrid. “Is this the same amount of money I started last year with?” you ask yourself. Yes. Yes it is. And so, you tell yourself that you’re not going to spend as much money this year. You’re going to save for retirement… But… Look at all those after-Christmas deals! How can you pass those up? And the whole cycle repeats itself.
Whelp, this year is rapidly coming to close, and you’re probably thinking about what a waste of a year it was. Maybe that’s putting too fine of a point on it, but you feel that there’s some room for improvement nonetheless. Because of this, you’ve probably pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, and you’ve been busy writing those New Year’s resolutions. But, let’s be honest with ourselves here. Are you really going to keep those resolutions? Might you be aiming just a tad too high? To help you trim the fat of your list, we’ve collected the 15 New Year’s resolutions that people love to NOT keep…

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