The 8 Most Embarrassing Pics on the Web EVER

1. Look, Ma! No Clothes!

When you’re trying to get big in the clubbing scene, you’ve got to put your time in at the gym. You’re not going to get noticed if you’re lacking the hard bod and not sporting the right clothes to show it off! But, there are limits to club-going attire, especially when it comes to showing of all the hard work you’ve been putting in at Planet Fitness. You shouldn’t, for example, walk around in the Emperor’s New Clubbing Outfit while holding a cup over your pee-pee.
You know how they say, “You should take a picture; it will last longer?” Well, sometimes we’re glad this is true, and other times we’re really not. You’ve probably got those photographs on your phone, your Instagram, or somewhere deeply buried in your parent’s house. We’re talking about the embarrassing photos, the ones you’d never want another living soul to see. Well, we’re here to make you feel better! That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet, looking for the most embarrassing photographs ever taken. So, take a look, and feel better about yourself… (If you don’t, then make sure you destroy those embarrassing photos of yours, or else keep them under lock and key!)

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