9 Celebrities Who Totally Hate Each Other

Hollywood isn’t just the land of glitz and glamour, it’s also a place packed with as much drama as a 9th-grade girls bathroom. As a star’s fame grows, so too does his or her ego. And as those egos grow, so too does the potential for having a beef with a fellow star. It should come as no surprise to anyone that there are celebrities who absolutely hate one another. Some of them hate each other for what seems like no good reason, and others hate each other because of the man or woman that came in between them. At any rate, their hatred is our entertainment. So, come take a look at these 15 pairs of celebrities who totally hate each other!
1. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton
These two started out as BFFs, probably bonding over the things that rich girls bond about in Beverly Hills. But then that sex tape with Paris leaked out, and her career took off. Not wanting to be outdone, Kim made a sex tape of her own, which managed to leak out as well. Strange! The two haven’t been friends ever since. Which makes us say: Ladies! Ladies! It’s okay! You can both have your sex tapes! Just don’t make us watch them, okay?

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