12 Crazy Movie Cameos You Never Noticed

When a movie really captures your heart, you feel compelled to watch it again and again until you feel like you know the whole script from memory. And yet, some films will still find a way to surprise you.

Some movies, like Zombieland or Zoolander, will make so much out of their guest appearances that I don’t even have to tell you who stopped by. But with others, cameos are more like hidden treasures that only the sharpest eyes will spot.

Sometimes it’s a role an actor scored before they were famous. Or it’s a director or a musician and you recognize their work more than them. And sometimes it’s just because they were really good at hiding themselves. But however you got there, sometimes your favorite movies will give you that moment where you say “wait, they’re in this?”

So let’s take a look at these 12 cameos that they managed to slip by you.

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