Here is The Scientific Reason Why It’s Harder to Poop On a Vacation

Who doesn’t love pooping? That’s a rhetorical question. I love to poop and I am guessing all of us have been through that experience where we were stuck in the middle of nowhere wanting to poop and then we found a washroom.
That feeling when you see the washroom is more exhilarating than finding the love of your life. Bottom line, pooping is adorable. Oh yes, this reminds me, if you want to know how to poop healthy and quickly, you can find it here. But a few days ago, while on a vacation I realized that it became a tad difficult for me to poop and no matter how hard I pushed for a good 17 minutes, it just didn’t show up. Scientists think there is some science behind it, which makes me feel good because it also means that its not just me who can’t poop on vacations. Here is what the eggheads have to say.

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