Baba Vanga Makes Terrifying Predictions About World Events For 2016 and Future

According to the normal sayings, nobody can exactly determine what the future holds. Although we have free will and all these intuitions, these would not be expected to give necessarily valid answers to doubts of humans about their vague upcoming life events. Surprisingly, around the world, there were different people who claim that they are capable of predicting future events. Some of them are faking to become centers of media attention, or may plainly have psychological deficiencies or malfunctioning.
Not all of them are faking because there is at least one of them who proved that her clairvoyance is never your typical fantasy movie. She is Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian. She died nineteen years ago (1996) at 85 years old. Her strength and legacy lives on since her predictions do not run out yet. Did you know that this mystic predicted about global phenomenon global warming, Asian tsunami in 2004, 9/11 attacks, and even the success of now President Barrack Obama’s race?

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