The 14 Best Horror Films Of 2015

Comedy, drama, Western, romance, documentary — horror in 2015 refused to be limited to one genre.
1. Poltergeist
Directed by: Gil Kenan
Written by: David Lindsay-Abaire
Remakes of classic horror can either completely reinvent the concept or hew too closely to the original and be deemed unnecessary. Poltergeist nearly falls into the latter category, but it’s saved by the serious talent involved. Screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire — who won a Pulitzer Prize for his play Rabbit Hole — might seem like an odd choice, but his script captures the blend of horror, fantasy, and absurdity that made the original Poltergeist a success. As Eric and Amy Bowen, Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt are far better than your standard genre parents: Their performances ground the film, which otherwise might collapse under all the evil clowns, homicidal plant life, and ghostly static. This Poltergeist remake isn’t all that frightening, but it’s a lot of fun — and while nostalgia may have warped our perception, that’s essentially what the original had to offer, too. If we’re going to get remakes over original horror, let’s hope they all put at least this much effort into the proceedings.

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