Brain-Dead Son Redeemed Life After His Dad Did THIS To Him, Amazing!

Euthanasia, the act of mercy-killing for ‘hopeless’ medical patients have always been an ethical issue even up to date. Before considering this act, the extremes of the conditions, as well all the exhaustion of salvage mechanisms should be resorted at first.
Relatives’ reaction and decision, moreover, is important in prolonging this ‘aid’ or ‘life support’. They will do anything to make up for it. In situations where the life of a severely-suffering individual is about to be halted, there is pain stabbing his/her immediate relatives who witnessed almost everything. Up to the last minute, they believe that this life support will revive the almost-departing family member. But then, there are some circumstances–identified by doctors and technologists–wherein the system should be given up.

In come cases, these opinions are subject to an extensive debate between capable parties involved, or sometimes it is sprouting to an all-out war.

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