15 “Facts” That Aren’t True At All

If you hear something enough, it can be hard not to believe that it’s true. Unless you bother to research it yourself, the fact that enough people are repeating the same bit of information seems to confirm more and more that it is true and gently erodes any doubt in your mind each time it’s repeated.

And yet, all sorts of erroneous information can hijack the conventional wisdom to become as good as fact. And it can be quite a shock for people to learn that something they’ve believed to be true for years isn’t even close to describing how the world really works.

But that shock is a good thing. Not only will you have your facts straight, but you might even be relieved because something you were worried about before is now no longer an issue.

So let’s put these 15 persistent little “facts” to bed and get the real stories behind them!

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