Teenager Followed Maths Teacher And Did Something Extremely Heinous

The incident is of Danvers High School, where Philip Chism murder trial became the breaking news in Massachusetts (United States) because of his sickening crime.
14-year-old Philip Chism followed his maths teacher, 24-year old Colleen Ritzer, into the bathroom where he committed the crime by brutally stabbing her 16 times with a box-cutter in the neck. Later, with the help of a recycle bin, he dragged her body into the woods, where he raped her and assaulted her with a wooden stick. After leaving her half naked, he escaped straight away without any guilt.

According to the teenager’s lawyer, Chism suffered mental disorder ‘Psychosis’ and when he committed this all, he was not himself and was facing terrible illusions in his mind because of the psychotic episode. But the prosecution argued, that he is not insane and not at all guilty for his horrible crime. Even jurors also rejected the argument of Chism’s lawyer, as during trial, the jurors were shown a CCTV footage in which Philip was visible, wearing a hood, putting on gloves and following Colleen Ritzer.

The case has been very clear because of proof against the murderer and he will be convicted on the later date.

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