15 Boozy Gifts You’d Actually Want To Find In Your Stocking

There is perhaps no better time of year to get drunk than the holidays. Friends and family are always around, you get some time off school or work, and it’s cold outside so there’s really nothing else to do. Alcohol also helps to numb the pain of having to deal with the incessant bickering your family will no doubt engage in when someone mentions Obamacare or immigrants.
When it comes to doing your Christmas shopping, booze and booze-related gifts are almost always a sure thing, because let’s be real — who doesn’t love drinking? The following 15 stocking stuffers are perfect for anyone on your list who likes to spend their holidays with a nice buzz.
Remember to always drink responsibly and leave the drinking and driving to Santa. Everyone knows that he is a fiend for vodka in his milk.

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