28 Thoughts You Have While Sunburned

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re pasty white or completely capable of getting a nice golden bronze going, that giant ball of gas millions of miles away has gotten the better of us. And it’s understandable. On those summer days with the ocean breeze gently cooling you off or the salty waves giving you a brisk wake up after a sun drenched nap, you get lost in the sheer bliss of a beautiful day.
And maybe you forget to reapply that good ol’ SPF. Or put on sunscreen entirely. OR maybe you stick with that tanning oil because you really want to get some color before such and such event. (Note: no event looks good with a burn or a peel going on!!) To err is human, but to get burned to a crisp is so experience a bright red hell on Earth. And here are some thoughts that are pretty damn near universal for the burned.

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