How to Keep Your Dog’s Breath Fresh

While healthy dogs don’t have the best breath, your pet’s breath should not knock you off your feet or smell like a sewer. The most common cause of bad breath in dogs is tooth and gum disease.[1] If your dog has bad breath now, take it to your veterinarian for an evaluation. Bad breath is a common sign of dental disease. It can also signal other health problems. If your pet does not currently have bad breath, you can help prevent the problem.
Method 1 of 3: Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth
Get the right equipment. The most effective method for keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and breath fresh is brushing its teeth as often as possible.[2] Before you can brush your dog’s teeth, you need appropriate supplies. Choose dog-friendly products from the pet store or your veterinarian.
Human toothpastes are not suitable for dogs because they are not safe to swallow in large amounts. You can find dog toothpaste at your local pet store. These come in a variety of flavors including chicken, liver, and peanut butter. Try a few different types until you find one your pet likes.[3]
Pet stores also sell toothbrushes for dogs, including some that fit on your finger. They also sell dental sponges that work equally well. A piece of clean gauze wrapped around your finger will also work as a toothbrush.[4]
If you have problems using toothpaste and a brush, you can also use single-use pet dental wipes. These come pre-moistened with a cleaning product suitable for your dog’s teeth.

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