The internet trolls: heinous internet personalities participating in the daily happenings on the World Wide Web, who lead normal lives in the real world. You know them when you read them, and you hopefully don’t know them in real life (it’s almost worse when you do). Long comments full of ‘urs’, sexist rants laced with point-blank statements written just to rev up your emotions. A familiar contradiction: they’re out to get you, yet they don’t give a damn about who you are. Internet trolls antagonize in all forms of intelligence and consideration, but just like any other annoying nuisance, when they’re after you, they only “succeed” if you let them. What else would they, the whole lot of them, not want you to know?
1. I don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

2. My girlfriend broke up with me because I followed your bullshit advice. I’m just giving you some constructive criticism. Dipshit.

3. Trolling and online bullying are really one in the same, but we hide behind usernames and avatars. People are so invested in their internet creations that when challenged by useless, mean comments that are intentionally meant to antagonize the creators and strike up an argument, the creators obviously become protective of their work and opinion. But really, it’s not personal. I’m just bored and want to rub my intellect in your minute flaws. Deal with it.

4. I’d never have the balls to say it to your face. Obviously.

5. Three words: freedom of speech. Ima say what I want. Right?

6. In your video you’re pretty. Dumb, but pretty all the same.


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