Little Boy Destroyed Cat Caller Who Called This Woman A “Bitch”

Julia Price recently shared the story of the hero who unexpectedly came to her aid after a cat caller called her a “bitch.”
Price says that she was out running when a “well-dressed man” began catcalling her. When she ignored him, he began to verbally abuse her.
That was my trigger point. The B word. I ripped off my headphones prepared to stand up for myself when this little boy who was walking alongside his mother and little sister in a stroller looked at the guy and said, “Hey. That is not nice to say to her and she didn’t like you yelling at her. You shouldn’t do that because she is a nice girl and I don’t let anyone say mean things to people. She’s a girl like my sister and I will protect her.”

The man was immediately embarrassed and started gathering his lunch to leave. I asked the mother if I could hug the little boy (his name is James) and I told him how grateful I was for him. He just shrugged and said “Well I just wanted to make sure your heart was okay.”

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