Three Sisters Diagnosed With Cancer Within Six Weeks Of Each Other, Even After Their Mother Successfully Defeated The Disease!

The mother had recently celebrated her 20th year of being ovarian cancer free, but just shortly after that, one of her three daughters was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. They were devastated, as expected, but the news was yet to grow worse.

Sisters Katie Warrent, Kristal Ford-Spencer and Cassie Ford have always been there for each other – the perfect trio of sisters! Their mother has successfully survived cancer, but as it appears, its the sisters’ turn to face the disease. It was, of course, unexpected. It was not like they were exposing themselves to UV rays! But although unexpected, these sisters are there together, even in cancer! Check out their story!
Always there together
Sisters Katie Warrent (left), Kristal Ford-Spencer (right) and Cassie Ford (center) have always been inseparable. And they seem together even in disease. They all found out they had cancer within six weeks of each other.

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