She Placed The Baby In The Car Seat, And It Fell Asleep. It Was The Worst Mistake You Made

Each of us had had to deal with a small child. Is it having younger siblings, cousins, or their own children. After several hours of continuous care, a moment of calm, when the little toddler asleep, is worth its weight in gold. It is no wonder that we often do everything to make this blissful silence alone was nothing disturbed. If that means leaving soundly sleeping toddler in a car seat, so be it.

But the authorities and the parents of 11-week Angel, who passed away this year warned that the additional moments of silence are not worth it. In fact, leaving the sleeping child in the seat can be fatally dangerous. Ali and Derek Dodd firsthand discovered in the most painful way in which you can imagine how dangerous it can be to sleep in that seat.

Their little son, Shepard was only 11 weeks when the employee nursery tucked the sleeping baby and left it unbuttoned car seat in an empty room. Two hours later, the nursery worker saw that Shepard is blue and not responding. He immediately called for help, and despite transporting him to the hospital, it was too late.

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