15 Costumes You Can Totally Expect To See This Halloween

Every Halloween, packs of jovial children run rampant through the streets ringing hundreds of doorbells and drowning their pumpkin buckets with mounds of candy.

For the rest of us, however, it’s a time to get unreasonably drunk and wait endlessly in the stinging cold, just so that you can get into your favorite bar. But even more so, it’s a time where everyone obsesses over the “perfect” costume. You know the like: the kind of costume that delicately balances the fine line between sexy and funny. The costume that will get attention, but won’t make you look desperate and unoriginal.

It’s strange to think that as kids we wore costumes solely because doing so was fun; however, as adults, we wear costumes to show off our favorite TV shows, books, and jokes. Some will try hard to be original, and many will opt for what I like to call the “costume staples. These include those costumes that come back around every year.

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