Now that’s a stretch of the imagination! The captivating Greco-Roman-style sculptures that are actually made from layers of PAPER

At first glance, the sculptures sitting in New York’s Klein Sun Gallery appear to be impeccable recreations of Greco-Roman porcelain masterpieces.
Seconds later, the gallery’s Assistant Director, Amy Purssey, is stretching and twisting what looks like the solid, chiseled cheekbones of Michelangelo’s David into a giant slinky.
‘They’re inspired by Chinese lanterns,’ Miss Purssey explained to MailOnline of the flexible sculptures, created by Chinese artist Li Hongbo using layers-upon-layers of glued paper.
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Using this paper gourd technique, the 38-year-old artist starts out with a block structure formed by pasting glue across approximately 5,000 pieces of paper in narrow strips, which he then stacks to a desired height.
He then cuts, chisels and sands each block to form a remarkable stone-like sculpture that expands with a weightless, honeycomb-like effect.

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