This Woman, Unfortunately, Is Already Close To Death.However, Her Last Wish Shocked Doctors

Rejane Chili is 49 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Several months ago she learned she had cancer, and the disease is already in the last stage.

Weakened woman did not have the strength to leave the hospital. In this difficult period regularly visited her family and friends, but Rejane still longed for someone special …

Ritchie missed her dog. The woman looked after him as if he were a member of the family and it was a tremendous torture for her, that she could not see his friend. She did not want to die without saying goodbye to him, so she asked the hospital authorities for permission for it to Ritchie able to visit her in the hospital. Unfortunately, the rules of the institution is clearly written that you absolutely can not make any animals in the hospital. However, Rejane days were numbered, and the woman herself has expressed a desire for a meeting and said that after dying and nothing will not hurt her.

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