Caitlyn Jenner Stands Up to Insults From Transgender Community

Caitlyn Jenner has dealt with her fair share of backlash since introducing herself to the world, and so far the insults just won’t stop coming. This time it is the transgender community itself throwing the punches, which seems particularly harsh. Caitlyn isn’t letting the hate get her down however (at least not publicly), and was actually standing up for herself.
Caitlyn encountered a group of protesters after giving a speech for the Chicago House, a social service company that addresses LGBT issues and provides support to people impacted by HIV and AIDS.
When Caitlyn left the building she was hit with harsh words such as “You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,” and “You have no right to represent us! You are an insult.”
In video from the incident, Caitlyn can be seen trying to reason with the person before her security stepped in.

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