Here’s Why You Should Never Drink Bottled Water Again

Bottling and selling water commercially in the United States began as early as 1767. By the mid 1800s, bottled water had reached a high level of popularity for both its supposed medicinal benefits as well as its association with high-class and style. In the mid 20th century, the popularity of bottled water waned greatly upon the advent of modern chlorination techniques that enabled municipalities to offer safe and affordable drinking water. In 1977, however, Perrier launched a massive ad campaign that re-branded bottled water as a commodity of the well-to-do. Since then, bottled water has been huge business and billions are being made off of the bottling of fresh water. Environmentally and socio-economically, this has lead to some enormous problems and it’s time we smarten up and stop the madness. Here are 11 reasons to never bottled water again.

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