12 Medical Surgeries That Restore Faith In Humanity

As a species, we humans have come a long way. We’ve discovered planets, developed advanced technologies, and enlightened our minds. There’s scarcely a frontier that we haven’t crossed, and it’s easy to forget how strange all of it is. Take a second and really think about the world you currently reside in. Think about how a few centuries ago, minor injuries could result in death.

People forget about the innovation of modern medicine. It’s incredible what doctors can do with the human body these days. They can change nearly every aspect of our physical appearance and cure historically some of the most vicious diseases.

Nevertheless, it’s always mind-boggling when doctors and surgeons perform medical procedures that a hundred years ago would be considered magic. Hell, we’ve put ears on rats and have completely removed some of the most malignant cancers. And it continues to get better and better. Researchers are constantly discovering various aspects of the human mind and biology, and how we can further solve the myriad of human inefficiencies.

Although it’s far from perfect, there’s still much to be appreciated in modern medicine, and who knows where we’ll be 50-100 years from now. Science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov believe we’ll most likely achieve immortality in the future. If that ever happens, the very foundations of our existence will change monumentally.

But until then, how about you sit down and enjoy this awesome list of some of the most incredible medical surgeries to date!

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