Barbie Rejects… The Barbies That Didn’t Make The Cut!

Barbie has been around longer than many of your parents. She’s not going anywhere. Part of the reason for this is that Mattel is constantly trying to find ways of making the same old doll with her same old friends new and interesting to new generations. Sometimes the things that Mattel does pay off. Other times? Well, you’re about to see what happens as we take a look at some of history’s greatest rejected Barbie dolls. In some cases, the Barbie doll was just woefully ill conceived. In other case, the doll’s designers failed to take into account certain racial, gender or cultural sensitivities. Whatever the case, though, we think you’ll see why this Barbies were rejected. Enjoy!
1. Midge Knocked Up

Mattel will often use their Barbie dolls to educate young girls about the ways of the world. For example, Mattel once introduced a doll known as pregnant Midge, Midge being one of Barbie’s lesser-known friends. While introducing young girls to the idea of pregnancy has some merit, we have to imagine that there must’ve been a better way. The open stomach with an upside-down baby inside of it is pure horror.

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