Khloe & Lamar: 15 Ups & Downs Of Their Tragic Love

Everyone was shocked to hear that Lamar Odom, the former NBA player, was found unconscious at the Love Ranch Brothel in Crystal, Nevada. Ever since he collapsed, Lamar’s prospects of recover have gone from bad to worst. That is, until we heard the very first good news on his recovery a few days ago! According to some speculations, Lamar had a 50/50 chance to survive because four of his organs, including his kidneys were failing and even doctors started losing hope for him. Fortunately, Lamar opened his eyes and said “Hi” to his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian. Actually, Khloe was by Lamar’s side ever since he came to hospital, and she didn’t leave him for a moment. The amount of love Khloe showed for a man she used to be married to made us think about their romance and where it all went wrong. If you Kept Up With The Kardashians, you certainly know how special their relationship was. That being said, we decided to make a list of all the ups and downs of their strong but still, tragic love.

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