TeN Celebrities Who Have HOT Daughters

Where would this world be without hot daughters? It would be a very dull place, trust us. But seriously though, there is something very exciting about the sexy celebrity daughters. Firstly, everyone is extremely excited to hear that celebs are expecting daughters, and then when we finally get to see them, we can’t get enough of their photos! Also, celebrity daughters then grow up into beautiful girls and women, and we get the chance to see whether they look more like their mom or dad. Let’s be honest, we all do that. But that’s okay, because these celebrity daughters are seriously beautiful!
1. Okay, we fell in love with Paulina Gretzky a long time ago, but each time we see her, we cannot stop looking! Paulina is, of course, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter. Wayne was nicknamed “The Great One” while he was still one of the best hockey players of all time! Besides his career, Wayne had another big success and that is Paulina. Dustin Johnson and Paulina recently welcomed their first child and Wayne became a proud grandpa!

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