15 Craziest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Humans were brought to this world to make it a better place. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail, but one thing is for sure- we created celebrities so we can admire them, love them and make this world a better place together with them! Well, the last part is not totally true, but we could definitely do that if we wanted to! Also, we couldn’t make this world a better place with ALL celebrities. Did you hear that Beyonce is lying about her age and according to some rumors, Khloe Kardashian’s dad is O.J. Simpson? If we are going to do this, some celebs better be honest with us! But how do you know whether a celeb is lying to your or is it just some insane celebrity conspiracy theory? The truth is, in today’s world you can’t always tell between a conspiracy theory and real life because it’s a crazy, crazy world. However, we love it that way, and that’s why we decided to make a list of 15 crazies celebrity conspiracy theories of all time!
1. According to Page Six, Ronan Farrow was trying to fake his eye color. You read that correctly, Mia Farrow and very possibly, Frank Sinatra’s son allegedly wore colored contact lenses to make his eyes look brighter. Page Six even had a “spy” at a certain celebrity event who confessed that “you could see the outline of his contacts.” As if we hadn’t have enough with those fake shoulders during the 1980’s! We wonder how close did that spy have to approach Ronan in order to see the outline of his contacts? It must have a really good spy

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