15 People Who Are Having A Significantly Worse Day Than You

Some days are better than others and some people have better days than other people. However, for some reason, it is always way more fun to see the people who are having a much worse day than you. It’s probably because humans want to have lives without problems and that rarely happens. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t our lives be significantly more boring if every single day was easy? Just imagine waking up to the same stress-free life and enjoying all that bliss. It would be divi… Boring! It would be very boring. As we were saying, life is sometimes more complicated than we can handle, but have in mind that there are always people who are having a significantly worse day than you!
1. This person, who accidentally poured coffee on the wrong side of the cup. Naturally, this mistake caused a lot of mess, and absolutely no pleasure. And it’s just not fair, you know. There are the times (every single morning), when all you want is a cup of coffee. You just need an ordinary, fresh, black cup of coffee from life, and does that happen? Well, mostly you just get yourself a cup of coffee, unless you are this person, of course.

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