16 Reasons Why Relationships Never Work in University

So you’ve made it to university, congratulations hotshot! You managed to demolish those pesky high school exams and have decided to take your studies to a whole new level, and after saying goodbye to your hometown, you finally set out to embark on the next stage of your life.

As you go on in your university career, you’ll start to notice something that was unheard of in high school. It’s that you can’t hold a damn relationship. Trust me, at some point or another, you’ll be exposed to that special someone who will drive your caffeine-fueled brain wild. It will be a defining moment in your time at university, as it will force you to make that critical decision: should I go full student mode, or should I let myself fool around a little?

For most, it’s the former–nobody wants to risk toppling their already precarious GPA score just for a few minutes in heaven. You’ll also realize that it can be hella awkward dealing with classmates who you’ve had previous relationships with. Imagine breaking up with Sharleen or George on Tuesday and then having a group project on Thursday. It’s not ideal.
All in all, maintaining a relationship in university can be quite difficult, but if you’re dedicated enough and if your partner is reasonable, it’s not impossible. That being said, there are a ton of complications that you will run into when you decide to share your love. Thus, I have done all of the work for you and created this comprehensive list on why dating in university almost never works.

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