20 Tattoo Cover-Ups That Righted Some Serious Wrongs

A lot of people can relate to the feeling known as “ragret.” It’s that sinking feeling where you finally get the tattoo that you’ve been excited about for weeks, but it’s not at all what you were expecting.

You might feel a twinge of denial at this point and think, “oh, it just looks like that now. Once the swelling goes down, it’ll be fine.” But eventually, the truth hits you hard.

It simply looks terrible.

But don’t give up hope! There’s a lot of great tattoo artists out there who can cover it up with something amazing or modify it to look a little better. The tattoo world is always moving forward and there’s no bigger feather in an artist’s cap than turning something awful into a work of art.

So if you’re feeling down about your tattoo, you might want to look up these 20 tattoo alchemists.

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