After A One-Night Stand Steals His Sunglasses, He Texts Her For A Year To Get Them Back…And It’s Hilarious.

Meet Alex. He lives in Philly, and he just wants his sunglasses back. Let’s rewind and explain though: when Alex met a rather likable girl, Anna, at a bar one night, they hit it off and, naturally, they went home together. But it wasn’t until a later date, which straddled before and after sundown, that Alex would ask Anna to hold his sunglasses in her purse. A little later in the evening, Anna said she had to go outside and make a phone call and obvs Alex was cool with that. He wasn’t even frazzled by the fact that Anna—that sneaky chick—didn’t come back. He was very frazzled by the fact that she still had his sunglasses in her purse.

Turns out, these sunglasses were very near and dear to Alex’s heart, so he started sending daily messages to Anna in an attempt to retrieve the specs. He didn’t have much success until this week when he finally got a little bit of closure…but first, here’s the one-man-repartee for your viewing pleasure.

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