20 Truths About The Class Of 2019 That Just Might Break Your Brain…

We’re about to swan dive right into everyone’s favorite time of year: back-to-school. Yes, this is the time where emotions run high and anxiety rears its ugly head, but, hopefully, excitement for new experiences eventually takes over. Now, all the hype is generally about college kids, but what about those heading to high school (by far one of the most terrifying things any of us will ever go through)? Yes, high schoolers everywhere are about to make their way to the classroom where they’ll spend the next 4 years getting smart and growing up and stuff.

But if you think about it, these kids (the class of 2019) were, for the most part, born in 2001, and that’s a pretty intense fact to get your brain around. What’s more are the other implications that come along with these young’uns as they head toward becoming our hopes-for-the-future. But, before we put all of our faith in one basket, let’s sift through some facts pertaining the the class of 2019. Please consider the following.

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