13 Powerful Photos Of Mastectomy Tattoos (13 photos)

“Each flower represents a person I feel I’m on this journey for.” —Megan Hartman, 31
Megan, pictured above, found out that she carried the BRCA gene that increases your odds of developing cancer. At age 27, she decided to get a preventative double mastectomy. She got reconstructive surgery after her mastectomy and was planning to get nipple tattoos, but then her surgeon’s office lost their tattoo artist and her plans were delayed.
She became more interested in getting an artistic tattoo, rather than tattooed nipples, when she saw an amazing picture of one on Pinterest. So she went to a local tattoo shop in Knoxville, Maryland, and worked with an artist named Tiffany Kaetzel to create the tattoo seen above. Later, P.ink connected her with artist Joy Rumore, who tattooed her other breast with flowers.
“Each flower represents a person I feel I’m on this journey for,” Megan told BuzzFeed Life. “I have a flower for my husband, a flower for my mom, and a flower for my son and daughter. My mom’s flower is surrounded by forget-me-nots because she passed away from cancer. A friend asked me: Where’s your flower? I hadn’t thought about it, initially — I’d been thinking that I had made this decision because I wanted my kids to have a mother forever. But I did it for myself, too. I wanted to live. So I picked the aster flower for the side that Joy did for P.ink. It’s a bunch of aster flowers and a quote.”

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