15 Most Ridiculous Jennifer Lawrence Red Carpet Moments EVER

Jennifer Lawrence has two lives: in the first life, JLaw is an actress and inspirational young lady, and in her other life, well, Jennifer rules the red carpet. However, she rules red carpet events in her own, Jennifer-Lawrence kind of way. Falling down the stairs, falling on the red carpet, photobombing and making funny faces are just the part of what Jennifer brings to the red carpet each time she hits it. And when we say hit, we really mean it; it seems like whenever famous actress walks down the red carpet, something unusual and almost always, very ridiculous happens. But Jennifer doesn’t have a problem with it, and neither do we!
1. LOL! Jennifer Lawrence made the funniest face while trying to photobomb Taylor Swift’s interview with the Golden Globes E! host Ryan Seacrest! The 25 years old Oscar winner was sneaking up behind Taylor’s back and once she was caught, she said: “I was going to come in and push you down the stairs.” You really have to love Jennifer for these things. We don’t know any other young Hollywood star with similar sense of humor. Maybe Amy Schumer.

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