15 Hilarious Yet Awkward Parenting Texts

Parent are great. They are so great they created us, their children! They kind of hoped we will be less confused and definitely less broke, but hey, that’s life, right? And then, when they gave up on waiting for us to become less confused, they hoped we will take care of them the right way. There is a catch though, because “the right way” can mean a lot of things. The thing is, from the moment they saw us, our parents had high expectations. Of course, we didn’t meet them every time (or any time), and they know how to get back at us. That’s right, there is one thing our parents do best, and that is- making us feel awkward! Check out these 15 parents who nailed hilarious and very awkward parenting texts!
1. We really believe that “crackalaking” is one of the words all parents use when they’re comfortable with their crazy side. When parents want to show how cool and hilarious they are, they definitely use words like “crackalaking.” To us, mere spectators, this text is hilarious, but to the poor receiver this is the 100th time mom said “clackalaking” in hope that this time it’s actually going to be funny. Unfortunately, it only made this person ask the parent to stop.

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