11 Ways Adults Have Ruined Halloween For Kids..

Growing up, Halloween was always an exciting time. Our street always made the effort to have lights, ghosts, and all sorts of scary displays in their front yard area. Parents really set the mood, and us kids were always guaranteed lots of treats, and the odd trick just for fun. But as the years went by, the kids grew up, moved away, and the parents were left to keep the spirit of Halloween alive. In my case, my mum still buys so much candy and puts the same Halloween banner across our front porch. She even makes the scary scarecrow that sits on a garden chair by our front door. It’s exciting to come back to a Halloween themed home, but over the years, I’ve noticed that the excitement just isn’t the same. Maybe it’s because the kids who once roamed the streets on Halloween aren’t home anymore, but I also think the excitement and build up to Halloween has fizzled out. At least the Halloween I grew up on!
The poor kids of today will never know the true spirit of Halloween. What ever happened to ringing the doorbell with the thunder sound effect, carving pumpkins that remain in-tact, and finding the most scariest, spookiest costumes for Halloween? And in the name of a healthier society, chocolate and candy that’s “bad for you” aren’t guaranteed for the poor kiddies anymore. It’s too bad that the world doesn’t revolve around the kids for just this one day, where everyone’s job is to simply provide the best Halloween experience possible!
Here are 12 sad photos that prove Halloween just isn’t the same anymore.

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